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Since its inception in 1979, Harborchem® has established itself as a significant importer and exporter of industrial chemicals from and to the United Kingdom and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Expertise in Logistics and Coordination

You can have confidence in Harborchem's® experienced team, which has the talents required to meet your needs in a timely, professional manner that often leads to substantial cost-savings for your company. Harborchem's® expertise ensures high quality and saves time and money in the following areas:

  • arranging reliable pick-up and delivery

  • transporting by ship, tanktainer, rail, truck and air

  • interfacing with ship agents

  • assuring proper performance of freight forwarders

  • paying duty and securing insurance

  • providing all documentation.

Harborchem® also arranges a delivery system that safeguards the quality of hard to handle material.

Furfural, Furfuryl Alcohol

Today Harborchem® is an important supplier of furfural and furfuryl alcohol in North America. Harborchem® provides its customers with the security of a furfural supply from one of the world's largest and most efficient sources.

Harborchem's® furfural and furfuryl alcohol are produced by Illovo Sugar Limited, of Durban, South Africa. This state of the art facility continues to be expanded and improved every year. Illovo's plant has been ISO 9002 approved since 1993.

Harborchem® has a full-time staff, able to provide technical service and support to its customers in the lube oil industry. Technical support for furfuryl alcohol is available as well.

Furfural inventory is maintained under nitrogen blanket at three North American locations. Furfuryl alcohol inventory is maintained in the North Eastern United States. Favorable railroad tank car rates have been established to many locations in order to minimize freight costs. Harborchem's® strategic storage flexibility, supported by a fleet of 20,000-gallon railcars, has shown its customers that they can count on Harborchem's® ability to supply bulk quantities of furfural at a moments notice.

As the US's only furfural and furfuryl alcohol supplier totally basic in biomass feedstock, and dedicated to serving the merchant market, Harborchem® continues to be in the strongest position to assure a long-term reliable source of supply.

A Commitment to Quality and

Long-Term Relationships

Harborchem® places strong emphasis on quality control. Every product shipped is qualified by independent surveyors at three critical points: before loading, at unloading, and prior to shipment to you. Harborchem® has a distinguished history of providing highest quality material that meets your needs and specifications. Most important, Harborchem® sources materials from only superior manufacturers on a long-term basis. Harborchem® is committed exclusively to long term, mutually beneficial relationships with reputable suppliers offshore and within the United States.

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