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Harborchem® was organized in 1979. The initial company objective was to import and distribute selected chemicals in North America. Harborchem® has been profitable since its inception.

In 1986, Harborchem® purchased Maplechem -- also a distributor of chemicals. In addition, Maplechem had technology and process expertise in specialty chemicals. The combined companies created a strong manufacturing and import/export base. Activities were consolidated under the Harborchem® name. Harborchem®further expanded its capabilities into the field of distillation, separation, recovery and reuse.

Harborchem® has grown into a medium sized company, expertly providing a distinctive range of products and services worldwide.


Harborchem® has been a member of the American Chemistry Council since 1987.  We subscribe to the principles of Responsible Care®.  Our commitment has been reviewed annually by an Independent Auditor and includes

  • Complying with all relevant laws, regulations, and other applicable requirements

  • Protecting the environmental, health, safety, and security of our employees, our customers, our business partners, the communities in which we operate and the general public consistent with the principals of Responsible Care®.

  • Providing customers with products and service that meet their needs exactly and providing necessary information and support so customers can use our products safely and effectively.

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